I’ve been receiving care from Dr. Jacques for several years & have gained complete confidence & respect for his competency, standard of care, & ability to discover, address & heal both major & underlying conditions.

I’m a 56 year old guy in a 36 year old body, thanks to Dr. Jacques’ analyses & recommendations. I found him initially during a red alert search for Naturopathic alternatives to conventional, invasive approaches to prostate disease. He saw me through that drama, and as I have aged, continues to provide advice, dietary resources, hormone therapy and supplemental science to keep me functional, vital, encouraged & revived.

This is a glowing review for sure, but genuine in every regard, because I’m a skeptic & a critic at heart.

Here’s the bottom line: I owe my increasing quality of life in contrast to my accumulating birthdays to Dr. Jacques. He’s no panacea, so there’s effort & commitment required to effectuate one’s desired outcomes. But you simply could not be in better hands”

Steve F

I love Dr. Jacques! I am a 42 year old mom of a young child and thought my troubles with falling and staying asleep, migraine headaches and lack of sex drive were just the unfortunate results of having a 4 year old. I am so glad Dr. Jacques recommended I have my blood work done because I found out I do have a hormone deficiency. I am really excited to feel like my old, YOUNG SELF AGAIN and be the best mom and wife I can be! I was also able to take Dr. Jacques’s lab request to my doctor at Kaiser and had all my lab work covered by Kaiser. Dr. Jacques made me feel really comfortable even when talking about some pretty personal subjects. He also offered a number of practical ideas of things I could change in my home as well as in my diet to help with my problems. If you are looking for real results and are tired of feeling like crap give Dr. Jacques a try, I’m really glad I did!”


I have had great experiences seeing Dr. Jacques! He is thorough, patient, and emphasizes clients taking an active role in their health management. Office visits and packages are reasonably priced; he also frequently hosts free seminars on varying topics that I have enjoyed attending

Kat L

When I first started working with Dr. Jacques, my thyroid antibodies were high and I was taking three different doses of thyroid throughout the day. I was immediately impressed with his medical and integrative knowledge of thyroid, women’s health issues, immune function, supplements and nutrition. And yes, I could have a better outcome. He worked with my unique biochemistry and preferences as an out-of-state client–definitely above and beyond the call of duty. Within eighteen months the antibodies came down to normal levels and I could begin skipping the afternoon dose, at which time he said, “I knew you could do it.” Amazing, here is a truly rare medical practitioner that could see me “in health” from day one, and then help me get there! Priceless! Thank you Dr. Jacques! Now I can continue my active lifestyle of hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and traveling into my seventh decade and beyond.

Anne, BSN, RN