Start your New Year with the HCG Weight Loss Program from Newport Naturopathic Longevity Center

Did you overindulge in the sweets of the season? Or was your caloric excess mainly from adult libations? It what you see in the mirror needs rearranging then it’s time to do something about it. At Newport Naturopathic Longevity Center we recommend the HCG Weight Loss Program as an excellent jump start to your weight loss goals.

This time proven program provides excellent results as millions have found. But you must follow the program to a “T” because I’ve never seen a program where a logical substitution in food choice limits the weight loss success.

It consists of a very low calorie diet with small doses of the hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG). HCG has been used for a variety of health conditions but when it is used in very small amounts stimulates to body to release long held fat stores to burn for energy when following a low calorie diet. Comparative studies with low calorie diets versus low calorie diets with HCG always show that adding the HCG significantly improves weight loss. I’m sure you can find lots of naysayers and negative information about the HCG Weight Loss Program but when followed fully and completely it works every time.

Which people should not do the HCG diet? Active Gout patients, Active Gall Bladder attacks, Uncontrolled Diabetics and Women with very large uterine Fibromas

Is it true that certain cosmetics and other beauty products interfere with the HCG Weight Loss Program? Yes see your handout

Are there certain things that can enhance the results? Yes our experience has found that Fat Burner Injections and a couple of other supplements do increase the success.

How do I use the HCG? There are 2 forms, injectable and sublingual drops. The injectable is a subcutaneous injection (in the belly fat) with a very small needle once a day and the drops are placed under the tongue twice a day. So you choose one or the other. The injections do seem to get better results 12-20% more loss.

What is the typical weight loss on the HCG Weight Loss Program? The more you have to lose the more you will lose but typically 12-25 pounds is what we see.

Are you ready to lose weight?

Do you accept the challenge?

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