Naturopathic Medical Care

Combining the best of traditional wisdom and modern medicine, Newport Longevity Center is proud to bring Naturopathic Medical Care to Orange County.  We aim to provide the best in natural healthcare for your needs.

The initial visit can last up to an hour as Dr. Jacques needs a detailed account of your present illness and extensive health history.  At the initial visit labs will be decided on depending upon what areas Dr. Jacques feels is necessary to learn more about your condition and you will be given a lab order as well as booking your next encounter with Dr. Jacques.

However you can book an appointment to improve your health even if you don’t have any concerns as many of Dr. Jacques patients do who want to maintain their optimal health.  Feeling your best requires diligence on your part and skilled guidance from Dr. Jacques.

The 2rd visit is where the lab results are review and a treatment plan is created that fits your situation and your lifestyle.

Dr. Jacques will then see you in a month for your 3rd visit as it is highly recommended that we fine tune your program as the need arises, sooner rather than later.  At the 3rd visit you will be given a new lab order and another appointment should be made in 2-3 months.

At all follow up visits, you and Dr. Jacques work together to streamline and improve your therapeutic regimen as you seek to be the Best You.

To be a patient of Dr. Jacques isn’t always easy. He requires commitment and diligence on your part. The rewards are worth it as the testimonials will attribute.

Newport Longevity Center requires 2 yearly visits at a minimum to remain a patient of record and this includes blood work but you already know the importance of your health so we look forward to guiding you as your journey to optimal health continues.