Detox Outside the Box

Living is Southern California isn’t easy, why?  Unfortunately we are constantly exposed to a lot of toxins from the environment in the air, sea and land.  These toxins affect our minds and our bodies in a myriad of ways.  Many health conditions can be attributed to toxic exposure.  While these toxins don’t kill us it can make for a miserable life.  Research on the effects of these toxins is mixed for a number of reasons.  One grain of lead might hospitalized one person while a teaspoon will have little effect on another person. Remember our abilities to detoxify are as unique as our fingerprints. Additionally researchers only study one toxin at a time and we unfortunately are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of toxins on an hourly basis. (Humans are tough to kill but easy to make sick) This means that when two or more toxins that are not so bad by themselves are deadly when combined and researchers fail to address this.

Toxins cause a lot of harm; they disrupt hormones, block nutrient absorption and utilization, damage neurotransmitters and much, much more.  They can make you tired, interrupt your sleep, lead to depression, the list goes on. Your body stores toxins in fat and can be a reason as to why you can’t lose weight or why your hormones don’t work.  Can we do anything about this?  Yes.   How you say?

Detox Outside the Box is a program of nutritional and lifestyle therapies that address the major toxins and improve your body’s ability to get rid of them.  We use special herbs, specific vitamin/mineral/amino acid combinations, medical foods, therapeutic injections and soon IVs. We start with the liver with phase I then in phase II we customize the program to your needs.  Our programs aim to ensure that you don’t suffer while eliminating toxins from your body.