Cell Factors, Peptides and Stem cells Oh My

Admit it!

We all want to look better, we all want to feel better. We all want an Anti-Aging elixir. Stem cells have been in the news for its controversial sourcing and its ability to create positive change in the body. Let me tell you.

Having witnessed the amazing benefits of stem cells in China, I can tell you that stem cells are the real deal-in China anyway. We do them here in America and you will find many doctors offering them.

As I see it there are a number of challenges to stem cell therapy here in the States. Expensive, yup cost prohibitive for most people around 2-10,000 dollars per treatment with many people needing 3 or more treatments, two is that stem cell therapy is generalized not so specific as I saw in China, three is is invasive if you choose to work with your own stem cells where they take it from your fat or bone marrow (ouch!).

What if there was a way to get similar benefits to stem cells that is more cost effective? And easier to administer with more specific benefits?

There was a time when all the glitterati were flying to Switzerland for this mysterious, anti-aging therapy that was very expensive but seemed to create a lot of happy customers. Later we found out that it was placental cells from sheep. This therapy is less in the news but very popular however the understanding of what, why and how it was working is much greater now.

European scientists have further expanded the work and developed a very specific sequencing of introducing these cell factors and other cell factors (what American scientists would call peptides). These cell factors stimulate the normal processes by activating the ability to reproduce new healthy cells leading to a rejuvenation of organ function. Today these cell factors are injected into your muscle (intramuscular) in the sequence their research has found to offer the greatest benefits for vitality and healthy.

Similar yet more specific benefits compared to stem cells.

I’ve waited for a few years watching this therapy and when I found colleagues who had great experience with this therapy, then I decided to offer it too my patients.


But wait!

There’s more. Another therapy that I have been watching for a few years this time developed in Russia seems to provide similar if not better results than stem cells. The additional benefit seems to be that these peptides provide is a major increase in organ reserve capacity. Which is great because the longer we have organ reserve, the better our chances of survival are.

These are oral medications consisting of very specific peptides that have direct action on an organ. Russian research has found that some of those on hormone replacement therapy are able to lower their dose or come off completely with normal hormone levels thereafter. Very interesting indeed!

Based on the available research, I’ve developed a sequencing of these peptides to provide maximum anti-aging benefits for the whole body or organ specific protocols.

I will be giving a lecture on this Tonight January 16, 2018 at my office 170 E 17th St. 200A Costa Mesa, CA at 6:30 if you’d like to learn more or perhaps enroll in a very unique anti-aging program that just might be better than stem cells