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Cell Factors, Peptides and Stem cells Oh My

Admit it! We all want to look better, we all want to feel better. We all want an Anti-Aging elixir. Stem cells have been in the news for its controversial sourcing and its ability to create positive change in the body. Let me tell you. Having witnessed the amazing benefits of stem cells in China,…

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Start your New Year with the HCG Weight Loss Program from Newport Naturopathic Longevity Center

Did you overindulge in the sweets of the season? Or was your caloric excess mainly from adult libations? It what you see in the mirror needs rearranging then it’s time to do something about it. At Newport Naturopathic Longevity Center we recommend the HCG Weight Loss Program as an excellent jump start to your weight…

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Take Sunshine Breaks!

Light will become a potent medicine in the not too distant future. The effects of light in health and disease have been observed and studied since the time of Hippocrates (most likely before then). We will concern ourselves with 2 basic types for now: Natural Light Artificial Light. Natural light is of course the Sun…

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