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Start your New Year with the HCG Weight Loss Program from Newport Naturopathic Longevity Center

Did you overindulge in the sweets of the season? Or was your caloric excess mainly from adult libations? It what you see in the mirror needs rearranging then it’s time to do something about it. At Newport Naturopathic Longevity Center we recommend the HCG Weight Loss Program as an excellent jump start to your weight…

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How to nurture good bugs in your body to stay healthy – AKA Microbiome

The emergence of the Microbiome’s importance has been a boon to patient health and maybe a nail in the coffin of the overuse of antibiotics. Many researchers have studied the kinds of microbial creatures that reside in humans and they vary extensively based on region. Further research has demonstrated that the more diverse the microbiome…

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