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"I feel like a new person..."

"Dr. Jacques has drastically improved the quality of my life. I am a busy mother of four daughters. I had chronic pain and headaches for 2 years following a major surgery. I couldn't make it through the day without taking a nap or taking pain medication. After 9 months of treatment, I am full of energy and 20 pounds lighter. My family is so thankful for my health! I feel like a new person, my life has completely changed for the better thanks to Dr. Jacques!"

"I had been living with low testosterone for many years..."

"I first started seeing Dr. Jacques in 2009, when I finally decided I was going to improve my health. I constantly felt tired, sluggish and low on energy. I was already working out several days a week, with little to no results. After an initial consultation with Dr. Jacques, he did a thorough interview and quickly ordered lab panels. Shortly thereafter, I went back to Dr. Jacques and he reviewed my results with me and the findings were astonishing. I had been living with low testosterone for many years and paying a dear price for it. Dr. Jacques quickly established a protocol of supplements, prescriptions and nutrition that would have me feeling my best in years. I have recurring visits and labs setup with Dr. Jacques and he closely monitors all areas of the lab results that keep me at the top of my game. I wish I would have known Dr. Jacques years ago…it would have saved me a ton of wasted hours in the gym and money on supplements. I always see friends that ask me, “what’s your secret, how are you in such great form?” and I constantly recommend Dr. Jacques. Many of my friends have seen him as well and are equally impressed with the results.”

" He literally SAVED MY LIFE several years ago!!!!"

"I am a huge fan of Dr. Brett Jacques as a patient: my first appointment in his new location was informative, thorough and Dr. Jacques' warm, caring approach makes it a great experience every time. I look forward to working with him regarding my health in general and my thyroid, specifically. His vast knowledge and expertise continues to amaze me and though it may sound dramatic, he literally SAVED MY LIFE several years ago!!!!"

"I have had great experiences seeing Dr. Jacques..."


"I have had great experiences seeing Dr. Jacques! He is thorough, patient, and emphasizes clients taking an active role in their health management. Office visits and packages are reasonably priced; he also frequently hosts free seminars on varying topics that I have enjoyed attending"